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DIY Project: Homemade Chalkboards

Wow, over three months since the last post! My apologies for the lack of updates. Time seems to have sped up over the summer months! Anyway, here is the latest DIY project that I’ve completed; a sort of process post … Continue reading

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Relief Printing Ink Change Up

I’ve decided to switch from water based relief printing inks to Caligo Safe Wash inks. I only experimented with them on one project so far and I can tell they are going to take some getting used to; very different … Continue reading

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Screen Printing Press Set Up

I’ve been getting some inquires as to my screen printing set-up. It’s a cobbled together simple set-up. The whole thing is mounted to a chunk of 1/2″ scrap ply wood (for portability) and made to use 20″x24″ screens. The “platform” … Continue reading

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More Hops: Humulus Lupulus Tea Towels

Here is the outcome of using the Humulus Lupulus block on fabric! I used oil based ink (black) and fabric from the local fabric store. I applied a hot iron to cure and washed them to make sure the ink … Continue reading

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Birthday Card Relief Prints

As promised, I’m updating the outcome of the birthday prints. I decided to do random colors (orange, blue, silver, black) and random overprints. Some interesting, unpredicted results with some of them!

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Sneak Peek: New Wood Block Print to Come

I’m going to take a break from the bottle caps for a little bit. Although, I do have more caps lined up as possibilities. Here is a sneak peek into the next project. I’ve done some initial test proofs and … Continue reading

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Project Updates!

Yes, finally some updates on a few projects! It seems I always have a couple projects in various states of progress. First off, more birthday card backgrounds printed up and awaiting the second color: The second colors have been printed … Continue reading

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